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Thank you and welcome. I am making a New Show to open in March 2018

It’s been a long long time. 

Some thought I was at the point of no return. 

And here we are. The return. 

A bit battered but more than a bit better.

Thanks more than I can say for your contributions so far. Every little helps. 

This is 
A story of reclusedom and daddydom. 
A story of closeness and separation, 
A story of no walls and thin lines between expert and knowing nothing,
A story of losing power but gaining sanity, (maybe?)
A story of recovery of balance, of years of collected writing, performance ideas, speaking in tongues, gypsy violins and frothy melodies.  
The unique and excellent Jack Klaff is helping me unpick this web of visual aural and written material and directing the show
In January 2018 I will go to Köln in Germany to work on music for the show with the kind and excellent Ekki Maas who is donating me some studio time in exchange for a meal for his lovely family. ( I currently need no work permit for this)
In March 2017 I was diagnosed with Spino Cerebellar Ataxia a degenerative neurological condition for which there is currently no cure. At the moment it is not so bad apart from meaning I cannot run or jump and I walk with a limp but the prognosis is not great, so I want this show to happen soon. 10% of any funds raised after recoupment of production costs will go to movement-based Ataxia research.
I am deeply thankful to all my friends and family whose donations have covered 10% of our production costs.Only 90 % to go!
We have got the ball rolling, and now this New Show with Songs is inevitable,,it is time for me to start speaking to the producers and backers who can match and top existing funds to make this happen. I am looking for a 40-100 seat theatre with good lighting and sound. I want to employ a stage manager, lighting and sound operator, ( we performers are so much more relaxed and fun when we know the show is in safe hands!)
The total production budget for making this happen is peanuts compared to most production budgets. Past experience has taught me the necessity of making a show audience friendly everywhere and the show being very easy, logistically and economically ,to tour .

I will happily accept a production budget in exchange for a commitment to tour, or share of profits after recoupment of costs. Either speak directly to me or you can contribute on my crowdfunding page

Thank you and welcome. I am making a New Show to open in March 2018 that will include fragments of my story of the past few years and live performance,…






A lecture with video and slides telling the story of Facedances, my video project that was made and remade 11 times in seven different European countries and how I assembled library of over 1000 Facedances