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Opil Lorbin, an East European child piano prodigy  drops out of the classical world, to become a pop star, and then is persuaded to return to the classical world to play  the obscure and fiendishly hard piano music of Abna Dforlok, who has encoded in his pieces a virus containing the composer’s mental illness.


In 3 parts: part 1 tells Opil’s story, parts 2&3 are set after his death when the search for the secret of the music virus becomes a thriller involving a music journalist, Opil’s sister and  a dodgy 60s guru who becomes a scientist and seeks to gain world power through harnessing Opil’s unique discoveries to induce mass sound-based neurological hypnosis.

This is a story about music, healing and power






A  magical adventure story about a girl who escapes a dull life of drudgery with her step parents. She goes on a  wild quest, during which she travels from one bizarre island to another picking up friends and gaining wisdom as she goes. 


This is a continuing project -it is episodic and I have scenarios for four more book 2,3,4 and 5- further adventures and the stories of some of the other characters.




A book of possible shows.

What if … instead of the drudgery of fund raising, building a team, enthusing, rehearsing, you just imagine a possible performance

This is a collection of imagined possiblities





The Lost Songs of Opil Lorbin and Lucy Dreamdancer are available in book form  – Opil in three parts, Lucy Dreamdancer in two.

Their are otherbits of writing, poems, fragments and performance texts and blogs at: https://jonahstone.blogspot.co.uk