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This a story, 28,000 words of Opil Lorbin, an East European child piano prodigy  who drops out of the classical world to become a pop star, and then is persuaded to return to the classical world to play  the obscure and fiendishly hard piano music of Abna Dforlok, who has encoded in his pieces a virus containing the composer’s mental illness.he plays the pieces, but at the premiere the audience gets hypnotised and paralysed by the twisted music


In 3 parts: part 1 tells Opil’s story, parts 2&3 are set after his death when the search for the secret of the music virus becomes a worldwide thriller from Western Australia to New York to the Tatra mountains of Poland involving a music journalist, Opil’s sister and  a dodgy 60s guru disguised as a scientist and seeks to gain world power through harnessing Opil’s unique discoveries to induce mass sound-based hysteria.

A story about music, healing and power.


I rang the bell, and looked through the letterbox. A dull, dusty, rusty tinkle came from the bowels of the building. No answer. I rang again. An old man hooked a bony finger round the edges of a torn lace curtain behind a grimy window-pane, and squinted at me. The finger let the lace fall across the man’s face. He left the window. I heard footsteps in the hall, fingers on the catch, and then the front door creaked open.
“Who are you? Who sent you?”
“David Colcroft … Sylvie … Sylvie Lorbin sent me. Are you the caretaker?”
“Oh its you. Hello David” He eyed me and I, him. Both cagy. but he knew my name I didn’t know his.  He said “Come  this way” as he turned his shoe squeaked on the old linoleum floor. Brown suede shoes, I noticed.  “I didn’t think you’d come” he pushed past me and took 3 plastic sacks out of a battered tin dustbin on the sidewalk, and brought them inside. “Yes its these, take them” he gave me the sack and led me along a hallway that smelt of cabbage, cat’s piss and candle wax. A dull throbbing drone came from the depths of the building. I knew that if it drew my attention it would set off my tinnitus. So I turned my attention back to the old man, “Yes I threw nearly them out. Didn’t think you’d come. This place is nearly clear now- the builders will be in next week.” I was about to leave when the old man glared at me “I was there on the 21st of May 1971, you know. I saw it happen”. 21st of May 1971? He was there? Where? I didn’t have a clue, but I noted the date, and looked at him. He ushered me towards the door. On the window sill nearby was a wooden box, he saw it and quickly stood in front of it. I was sure I could see a slight cruel knowing smile flicker into the corner of his mouth.





A  magical adventure story about a girl who escapes a dull life of drudgery with her step parents. She goes on a  wild quest, during which she travels from one bizarre island to another picking up friends and gaining wisdom as she goes. 

This is a continuing project -it is episodic and I have scenarios for four more book 2,3,4 and 5- further adventures and the stories of some of the other characters.


Once upon a time in a land far far away from this, but strangely like our own, a 10 year old girl called Lucy lay  on a chair on a balcony looked at the setting sun and put her thumb in her mouth while her other hand felt the silver locket on a chain round her neck.   

“I wonder …” she thought. She had never opened it. She found a catch on the side she pushed it and it sprang open. inside there was a tiny picture of a beautiful lush green island surrounded by beautiful deep blue sea. She took her thumb out of her mouth, 

“If only I was there…” she whispered to herself with a sigh. Then a shrill shriek sharply shredded Lucy’s lingering look at the locket ;

“Eeeugh! what filthy bollards! disgusting! Lucy? come and polish them! Now!”









A book of possible shows

What if … instead of the drudgery of fund raising, building a team, enthusing, rehearsing, you just imagine a possible performanc

This is a collection of imagined possible performances




The Festival of One Not

Stories from the Rubble of London



The Lost Songs of Opil Lorbin and Lucy Dreamdancer are available in book form  – Opil in three parts, Lucy Dreamdancer in two.


There are other pieces of my writing, poems, fragments and performance texts and blogs at: https://jonahstone.blogspot.co.uk